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Read Me First

Read Me First

Welcome to the Ozark Research Field Station, and thank you for visiting!  We are a new field station nestled at the northern end of the Ozark Mountains, located just outside Newburg, Missouri.  We are supported by Missouri University of Science and Technology, a Carnegie R2 research university located in Rolla, Missouri.

We have a vision of sustaining a natural place and developing first class facilities for experiential learning, scientific discovery, and community engagement.  

Our mission is to inspire and promote inquiry and discovery through engagement with the natural environment and improved understanding of natural systems.

We accomplish this by:
1—Offering experiential and place-based educational programming for students of all ages.
2—Supporting and facilitating high quality research and creative activity.
3—Engaging diverse stakeholders.
4—Fostering a sense of community and appreciation of natural history, land ethics, and the scientific process.
What is a field station?  A field s…

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